Posting College Acceptances on Social Networks

tcs college-acceptance-1I’m so happy for all my friends and classmates that have gotten into their dream schools, or even their second-choices.  I love seeing so many people be extremely excited because, being an AP student and seeing so much of the hard work, sweat, and tears that go into being a competitive student, my friends deserve to be happy and deserve to go to the schools they’ve worked so hard to get into.

InstagramimagesIn the past few weeks, I’ve noticed that social networks like Facebook and Instagram have been flooded with college acceptances.  From “back-up” schools, to 50/50 schools, to even big-time dream schools, I’ve seen such an array of colleges slip down my newsfeed only to have more pop up every hour.  And some of posts get refreshed at the top of the newsfeed by the hundreds of likes and repeated comments saying “Congratulations!”

Now like I was saying before: Those people deserve to be happy.  You got into your dream school?  Go ahead and share it with the world because, guess what?  YOU DID IT!

However, some people, I’ve noticed, have posted EVERY acceptance.  And it’s really cool and all that you (hypothetically speaking tosomeone who has done such) got into all the schools you applied to. 10/10. But does EVERYONE need to know EVERY school you go into?  Sometimes I feel like it’s really inconsiderate to others who hobsons_blog_acceptedhave worked just as hard and didn’t get in.  Although I hate to admit it, there were a handful of schools I didn’t get accepted to that I’ve seen on my social media networks.  And while I can say I’m happy for the people that are achieving their dreams (I’ve definitely had a moment or two of jumping up and down with my friends when they got into their dream schools!), it has made me a little sad because I want to share in the celebratory air as well.  I’m not saying someone should take all their acceptances and their happiness and take it to their own little corner to celebrate by themselves.  But it’s definitely absurd to have to post one after the other, even the “back-up” schools.

I feel that it’s definitely okay to post your #1 choice, because getting into your dream school is always going to be something to celebrate.  And, if not your #1, it’s okay to share with the world the place you choose to attend in the end! But, for future references to those who have yet to receive acceptances and (hopefully not!) rejections, keep in mind that although your success is awesome, others may be struggling in this emotional roller coaster of a month.

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