Dear Admissions Office….I Regret To Inform You…


Real Letter:

Insert Date of Rejection Letter

My name here. (Cry)

Dear Applicant,

I am very sorry to let you know that we are unable to offer you admission to Prestigious University. Please know that this decision in no way diminishes your application. We were humbled by your talents and achievements and by the commitment you demonstrated in all of your academic and extracurricular endeavors.

We appreciate the thoughtfulness and care that went into your application and want to assure you that your candidacy received thorough and serious consideration. Because we received tens of thousands of applications for an incoming class of approximately 1,700 students, we must decline the vast majority or our applications each year. 

Blah blah blah about how you aren’t actually unqualified, or no way reflects on your character, etc.

Signed by Dean of Admissions or whoever.


It’s true. At first, the rejection may sting. Alot. Personally, when I received my first rejection letter, i bawled like a baby. It hurt. It feels like a rejection of you as a person when you first get that letter. But it’s not a rejection of YOU. There are just too many perfect students out there. Also, the reason why that college denied your admission, is to tell you, maybe that college doesn’t have the right fit for YOU. Perhaps the major you applied under was probably a bit too rigorous when put into perspective of your past performance in high school. Perhaps the community there isn’t what would make you feel at home. There are a ton of outliers.

College admissions officers usually know the best, after all, they have the most experience, have the most feedback from the students that they have admitted. I’m not going to lie. Even with this in mind, it still hurts. But if you think of it as the admin officers saving you from flunking out of college, or suffering miserably for the next four years, it makes it hurt a little less. 

Of course, colleges can make mistakes on occasion. If you truly think they have, appeal. Perhaps they will see a new side of you they haven’t seen before (which is what they ask for anyways). If that doesn’t happen, do your best at the college you will attend, and show them how wrong they were to reject you. After all, if they come clamoring for you when you apply to grad school, it can be your turn to reject them. 😉

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