Remix the Innovation!

Recently, in my AP English 4 class, my teacher showed us a really interesting video by Kirby Ferguson called “Everything is a Remix” (part 1 – 5).  In this video, Ferguson uses a number of examples to point our the parallels between movies, songs, and behaviors that just point out that everything society creates is building off of something else.APEL blog post 8 pic 1

This struck me because I found that his words resonated with me–I agreed with him completely.  After delving through all the examples I could think of, I discovered his words were very true.  Everything correlates with one another.  The things we see today in our world are only building blocks of a more general foundation.

APEL blog post 8 pic 3

But although I found the video to be very entertaining and captivating, the video actually bothered me a little bit because it shattered my idea of original.  I found myself feeling a little guilty because as students, we have always been taught that “copying” is wrong, so we associate “copying” with a negative connotation.  But after watching the video, look how much right copying can do.

Instead of using the word “copy,” I’ll change over to the word “innovate” since, by definition, innovation is taking something that already exists and making it better, therefore introducing something different or a new method.  After watching the video, all I could think about was the class’ innovation projects.  I was inspired.  I could see my innovation project in a new light because instead of focusing solely on what my project was initially meant to be, I began brainstorming on ideas that have worked in the past and how to better those already existing ideas.  That’s innovation.  It’s wrong to steal ideas and take them as your own, but apparently, using others’ past methods and ideas to transform newer ideas and build success is the way society has progressed to what it is today.  And because of this, I can’t wait to see where my innovation will lead me now!

APEL blog post 8 pic 2


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