DIY Tutorials Project

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We have finally begun our innovation project for our English class! Many of my blog posts over the last few months have been dealing with the ideas of innovation, motivation, and getting started, and all of these ideas have finally come together as we have officially started (and gotten the motivation) to embark on our innovative blog.

For our project, we will be creating DIY tutorials for numerous things that anyone can use around the house. We will mainly be focusing on toys for kids, and useful household crafts (similar to LifeHacks) that people can make out of everyday things found in the home. We call our project “LiveHow” as we hope it’ll help people to live and view life in a new way. By re-using everyday things and turning them into innovative projects, we also hope to spark creativity in people and help them save money in a unique manner.

My role in the project is taking the pics of all the innovations we’ve made and putting them together into a step-by-step tutorial and posting them on our numerous social media sites. We already have a few of our projects up, including the Tennis Ball Holder and the Hanging Starbucks Pencil Cup (both pictured below).

I’m super proud, because one of our projects has gotten almost 200 notes on Tumblr!!!  That’s 200 reblogs/likes! It’s simply amazing that we have already gotten this far. Hopefully, we can continue to amaze people with our awesome creations.

Check us out here at!

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