I did it!

One of the best feelings in life that a person can experience is that of achievement and accomplishment. After long periods of procrastination, hard work, and complaining, you can finally look back and say, “I did it.” It’s a feeling of release, of happiness, of solace, all combined into  one beautiful emotion.

Finishing my college apps for the UC system last week brought up not only feelings of excitement and accomplishment, but also allowed me to reflect the journey I had went through with my college apps. Filling out the whole application was the easy part, but the essays were the hardest. I had spent the whole summer, thinking, pondering, contemplating about my essays. What to write, how to write it, when to write it. Getting started on something is always the hardest obstacle to overcome when it comes to things you don’t want to do, and this was the exact case with my college apps. It had taken me months to actually complete a  whole essay, and that was only the beginning. Now I had to edit it, shrink it down to under the word limit, and review it with everyone I knew to make sure it was the best possible essay I could ever write.

Reading Hamlet in class today reminded me of the initial feelings I had before starting my essays and supplements. I constantly kept thinking of it, knowing I had to do it, but I just couldn’t bring myself to fully write out a whole essay. Maybe it was laziness, or maybe it was fear. Similarly, Hamlet, in his very famous monologue, talks about taking revenge on his uncle for killing his father. However, Hamlet is constantly in a state of contemplation and indecisiveness, not able to bring himself to initiate his plan to kill his uncle. Thinking before taking action is a wise thing to do, but thinking too much can be dangerous and hold you back from accomplishing your goals, as seen through Hamlet’s case. Whether he ever is able to carry out his goals is still unknown to me, because I’m only halfway through the book (don’t spoil it for me, please!). Nevertheless, his inability to successfully start his project is similar to the inability I faced during the summer to start my essays.

Although I have successfully complete my UC apps, I still need to worry about my apps for private schools. Let’s hope I am able to get over that initial stage of frustration and contemplation, and just do it! Just successfully write out all my essays and supplements and complete the task as soon as possible, so I can finally say, “I did it!”


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