My Innovation Project’s Poison

Pick Your Poison Pic!

For my innovation project, I am creating an Etsy shop!  Since last year I did a more community service based project, I thought it’d be neat to do something for me this year.  I’ve always been really interested in craft-making, so I think this will be the perfect opportunity for me to experiment and stimulate my creativity.  I’m really looking forward to seeing what I’ll be able to learn to make!

Even though I love to craft things, I still consider myself a beginner, so I’ll be starting with the basics and beginner-level crafts!  Because I want to keep my expenses low, I’m definitely going to learn to crochet since yarn and cotton are cheap and you can make the cutest creatures!  Plus, my best friend’s mom is an expert, so I definitely have access to resources!

I have a schedule in mind, but I’m trying to be very realistic with college application deadlines, so we’ll see how much I can learn and successfully in the 4 months I have left!

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