Pressed for Creativity!


There are a lot of places that require creativity or innovation, such as a workplace, a school, a project, etc., however, a lot of people don’t take time on their own to be creative. Most of the projects or tasks that schools or workplaces require specific requirements that limit the amount of creativity you can contribute to the task you were assigned to do. Because these projects come often in the week or month, people don’t take the time to do something on their own.

I had heard about NANOWRIMO from my friend Lindsay (who is also on this blog!) 4 years ago. It’s the National Novel Writing Month challenge anyone and everyone who so desires, should participate in! It is free, winners get special prizes, and it is such a fun thing to do! The goal by the end of November is to write a novel of 50,000 on any topic of your choosing. You can choose to follow the calender they provide, or  you can make your own to-do-list.

This project definitely allows each and every writer to be creative without limitations, as there are no specified requirements for their project. You can work with more than one person or you can do it alone. It is very reminiscent of a school project, as towards the end, everyone starts trying to cram in words and finish their novel or story! (Who hasn’t procrastinated before, right?) If you are satisfied with your work, you can even publish it into book form afterwards and possibly market it.

If you are bored, or want to take on a challenge, NANOWRIMO is for you! Although you may have to wait until next year to participate in the challenge with everyone else, it is always a great idea to start writing on your own! Get your creative juices flowing, press yourself for creativity, and be inspired to do your own work!

To sign up for newsletters and reminders, or to check out the challenge, click on the link below!


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