What drives you?


Everyone has had that moment where you just don’t want to do anything. Whether it’s because you’re stressed out from all the things you have or because you’re just feeling lazy, everyone has gone through something like this. On the outside, it feels good to finally take a rest and temporarily put off all your duties. But deep down, we all know how much this lack of motivation can hurt us. As a high school student, I often find myself wanting to procrastinate. “Oh, I can put off this project until tomorrow. I’ve been super busy these past few days and I need a rest.” But we all know procrastination only comes back to bite you in the end. 

That’s why we need motivation. It’s essential in life. To get over every obstacle and accomplish anything, we need the motivation to keep putting forth our efforts and energy. A key part of developing a sense of self motivation is recognizing what motivates you. Know a cause or a dream of yours that will keep you going forward. For many students, it’s the idea of getting into their dream school that drives them to continuously study and participate in many activities. For others, it’s the American dream or the idea of becoming successful in the future.

We see causes for motivation all the time in books. In Hamlet, which we are currently reading in my English class, it’s the idea of revenge for his father’s death that drives Hamlet to do the things he does. In the Hunger Games, it’s the idea that she could be killed that causes Katniss to fight her way to victory. The list goes on and on. Whatever causes you to be motivated, you need to recognize it. It’s the best way to develop  self-motivation and keep on pushing through even when you want to just be lazy and sleep all day.


Motivation is key to success in anything. That’s why our society values competition so much. It’s what drives people to do their best, a way for our country to continually improve. So the next time you feel like procrastinating or rage-quitting, just think about what drives you and go from there.

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