Creativity Will Lead the Way!

creativity picThrough the weeks my AP English class has been working on their Innovation Projects, the class has introduced some really great ideas.  REALLY great.  The projects that have been pitched so far have a colorful variety and incorporate different interests and perspectives, which in my opinion, makes the whole Innovation Project idea seem that much cooler because I can’t wait to see how everyone’s individual (or group) projects turn out.  Ranging from shops to documentaries to TedxTalks to community-service based projects, I honestly can’t wait to see the outcomes.Because their ideas are so great, it makes me wonder how did they achieve this type of success?

In the current book reading, The Glass Castle, by Jeannette Walls, the Walls family chooses to live in poverty as they travel from place to place in their high-energy adventures of scraping by.  In the book, the family must conquer a number of obstacles as they struggle to pay the bills and put food on the table . . . All while having fun and making the most of the things they have.

the glass castle bookThe Walls family relates to my English class because as we tackle our projects through the upcoming months, we’re going to have to problem-solve the whole way there.  Right now, we’re in the process of presenting our outlines to the class, but nothing it completely set in stone.  I know there will be set-backs, things-gone-wrong, or sudden bursts of inspiration that might completely change the approach.  It’ll be neat to see what kind of changes will need to be applied and how my classmates’ creativity and problem-solving skills combine to pave the way toward success.

Like the Walls, creativity will lead the way!

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