I Hate Oatmeal.

zucchini bread oatmeal (1)You see that oatmeal? Yeah, that oatmeal. Looks kinda good doesn’t it. Well, I have one thing to tell you. NO. IT. DOESN’T. Oatmeal is disgusting. It’s mushy, tepid, flavorless, and is reminiscent of upchuck. How anyone could voluntarily consume something of that nature every morning in lieu of something more palatable….like bacon, is an enigma to me.

Well, actually, despite all the perfectly cognitive reasons listed above, oatmeal does have its benefits. I know right? There are benefits? Well, it’s rich in fiber, makes you eat less (because it’s so nasty…ehem), and it’s cheap and easy to make!

Thinking about oatmeal reminds me of unpalatable school assignments. Homework. They’re disgusting, unappetizing… any bad word you can think of. But in reality, they do have benefits! They make you practice the concept over again, keep your mind stretched, keep your cholesterol down…etc. There are actually quite a few benefits!

Now eating oatmeal all the time…well, it’s not exactly pleasant. When I need a fiber substitute, I like to eat oatmeal squares, the cereal. It’s not mushy, it’s sweeter, you can have it cold with milk, and it actually tastes great! Doing homework needs to be done through rose-colored lenses. Think, “it’ll be great for my GPA, i’ll be learning new things, i’ll be able to do these problems faster!” Though you cannot take it in physically, like a delicious oatmeal square cereal, it helps to put things in perspective. Homework isn’t really there to hurt you. It may seem like, or be, busy work, but it helps in the long run. Just like oatmeal with your cholesterol.

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