True Friends Stab You in the Front


Everyone has heard of the expression, “stabbed in the back.” Someone you thought was your closest companion suddenly betrays or abandons you out of nowhere. Whether it be something big like Julius Caesar begin betrayed by his long-time friend Brutus, or something minuscule, like your best friend talking crap about you behind your back, no one likes begin stabbed in the back.

While reading Othello in my English class, this was the only thing I could think about. Iago, Othello’s most trusted companion, ended up plotting against him and wreaking havoc on his life. I’m sure Othello’s soul must have torn in half when he realized Iago had actually created the lie that caused Othello to kill his own wife. This scene led to a really interesting discussion in class about the idea of friendship and betrayal.

From our discussion, I began realizing something.Fake friends are those that stab you in the back. They betray you or only act like they’re your friend in front of you. True friends are those that stab you in the front. That may sound weird at first, but think about it. Anything bad these types of friends say about you is said directly to your face, and only said to you out of sincere care, as they want to help you out. They are willing to say the things that most people don’t want to say and give you constructive criticism to help you improve.

However, it’s often hard telling the truth to your friends, especially if I might hurt them. No one likes being told they’re wrong or that all their efforts went to waste. Some friendships are even destroyed because one person was being too honest and caring, and said something they shouldn’t. True friends, however, who really care about you will eventually find a way to convey to you  any hard truth. They are the ones that are keeping out for you. The ones that act like your guardian angel. The ones who help you see past your blind spots. The ones that help you realize what you’re doing wrong.

So the next time, your friend tells you the honest truth, whether it be “You actually do look fat in that dress,” or “I really don’t think you should be doing that to him,” don’t get mad or upset. Thank them for being a good friend.


5 thoughts on “True Friends Stab You in the Front

  1. I loved this post! At first, I thought the idea of friends stabbing each other in the front was a bit odd but as I read the post, I came to understand your point. It is true that true friends say things directly to you, not to be rude but to be honest. Although it may hurt to hear what your friend said, it should be noted that true friends only have the best intentions for you.
    Very well-written article and I enjoyed reading it. In addition, I liked how you included multiple pictures to demonstrate your point.

  2. Jonathan, I really like the different perspective you took for this post! It’s true that “stabs” from real friends are all for the best; honesty and communication are what really make strong relationships; being upfront about your opinions and perspectives is important because it leaves less to be unexpected.

  3. Hey Jonathan, that was an interesting discussion on real friends versus fake friends. However, it seems to me that you are equating telling the truth to your friends to “stabbing them in the front” which seems a little negative. In my opinion, telling your friend the truth about something difficult, since it helps them in the long run, is not “stabbing” them, if that makes sense. You’re helping them and eventually they will appreciate it. The way you phrased it made it seem like the truth had to be told meanly, but I don’t think it necessarily does. You don’t have to sugarcoat things, but some ways of telling an ugly truth are nicer than others.


    • Haha, the only reason I used the phrase “stabbed in the front” was to play on the common phrase “stabbed in the back.” I wasn’t trying to equate telling the truth to being negative or anything. Thanks for pointing it out though. Some people probsbly will misunderstand if they don’t read the rest of the blogpost where I delve into the idea on how being “stabbed in the front” is actually super beneficial and a good thing.

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