The Brainfuel Session


In my AP English 4class, at least 2 days out of the week are labeled as “Brainfuel.”  Brainfuel, simply put, is what fuels your brain’s need for inspiration, intelligence, and innovation.  Most of class time is granted to the students to read, write, or discover anything they’re interested in.  Almost anything.

For Mr. Theriault’s class, our big project for this year is our Innovation Project, and so far we’ve idea farmed (brainstormed), and held our bad idea factory (throwing out all the bad ideas onto paper with a chance that one really bad idea could actually be doable.) in order to come up with some perhaps really great project ideas.

Lately, Mr. Theriault has been helping students who, like myself, have been struggling to come up with an idea.  IN our last Brainfuel session, I pitched my idea to Mr. Theriault and a few other students who were outside with us.

1384258_534080233336259_1521751794_nEarlier in this blog, I posted about my work with my school club called Reach Out, which helps underprivileged kids in Santa Ana.  Because I love the kids and the work I get to do with them, I wanted my project to center around Reach Out.  A lot of our Reach Out kids grow up in poor neighborhoods with small family income, so I figured most of these kids would never have the opportunity to visit an amusement park.  Looking back on my own childhood, amusement parks and the pretty lit-up carnival rides were naturally a part of my life–the music, the festivity, the colors, the sweet treats, the crazy rides.  Most of the kids aren’t necessarily unhappy children, but I felt that these kids should have that experience.

For my innovation project, I wanted to host a festival for my Reach Out kids.  And at first, it seemed like such a fun idea and an idea where the end goal was just to make these kids smile and give them something to remember.

Unfortunately, however, once I got past the pretty picture of the idea in my head, I realized there were a lot of problems.  Such problems included location, how I would fund such a large event, receiving permission from the organization I work with, if the kids could or ever would want to attend, and so much more.


There are some kinks I can envision myself finding a solution easily, but my biggest hurdles would probably be money and location since the neighborhood is small and perhaps unsafe for a large event.

Mr. Theriault listened to my idea, asked me questions, and considered problems.  My final project idea isn’t set in stone, but I’m hoping I can find some way to relate it to the Reach Out.  Mr. Theriault suggested that some type of drive may a bigger possibility.

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