How do we know our perception of reality is… real? I started thinking this after reading a blog post that my English teacher had written about anosognosia, the idea that we don’t know that we don’t know some things. As a realist, I like knowing that I have control over my life and that I know what things really are. But how do we know what we think is real is real? There’s so much lie and deceit in the world that even the seemingly realest things could actually be false. In Othello, which we are reading in class, Iago so easily manipulates the truth that even though it may still technically be true, it’s distorted in such a way that it turns false. Reality is hard to define and we may be wrong about some things that we are sure are right. That’s why we need to always keep an open mind when looking at new ideas or new theories. Thinking that we know for sure something is right and rejecting all other opinions keeps us locked in a vacuum and blinds us from hidden truths.

One thought on “Reality

  1. I totally agree! Being close-minded and refusing to acknowledge new things is an issue that can lead to a lot more than just being misinformed. It’s important to acknowledge that we don’t know everything, and a lot can come from gaining outside perspectives; outside opinions keeps ourselves and our ideas in check with the rest of the world.

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