Value of Classical Literature…and Then Some.

Quite a few people cringe at the mere thought of cracking open a book and perusing its detailed pages. Many do not derive any enjoyment from reading, and most do not read because they do not find it an activity worthy of their time. The value of reading classics is great, not just for AP exams, sounding intelligent to colleagues or people you are trying to impress, nor for the bragging rights it may offer. Classics enrich and enhance your brain and intellect as it’s language (which may be very old English), style of writing, and or historical context stretches your brain in order to try and make you comprehend the value others had seen in it so many years ago when it was written or became extremely popular.

Many students and adults alike these days do not read. Even fewer read classical literature, and even then, most not by choice. It is important to read a classical peace at least once every three months in order to attain the aforementioned benefits of reading and finishing a book, but it also has the potential of causing great results.

While reading classical literary pieces is important, reading “easy-reads” and or the subjects you enjoy but others find superficial or un-intellectual are important in keeping the well being of your mind and for keeping yourself rationally sane, as books allow an escape or change in reality, and satisfies your creativity and joy of reading something that is enjoyable.

Jayne Yokoyama

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