“Let’s Cut a Hole in Your Ceiling!”

In Mr. Theriault’s AP English 4 class last week, we did an activity called “Bad Idea Farming” where we came up with a bunch of bad ideas to help address needs in this world. Often times, people reject proposals that seem a little outlandish or seem impossible to carry out, disregarding them as “bad ideas.” However, these “bad ideas” may not be as bad you think they are if you delve upon them a little more. And even if they are bad, they could possibly help people to create new, “good” ideas.  This video that was showed in class pretty much solidified my understanding of some “bad ideas” actually being good. At first, cutting a hole in your ceiling and sticking a water bottle in may seem like a bad idea. As you can see from the video, however, it can be beneficial and bring about huge change to the lives of many. Take a look at the video and hopefully you can be inspired to do something to address a need in your world!

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