Iago – Taking Ideas to the Next Level

In our AP English 4 class, we are currently reading Shakespeare’s play, Othello. If you’ve ever read Othello, you probably know Iago, the villain and antagonist of the story, is the most focused on character in the whole book. To me (and probably to many others too), Iago, with his scheming tactics and clever manipulation, is one of the most intriguing people I have ever seen or read about. He’s able to take all the ideas he has and successfully implement them into his life. Roderigo, one of the other characters in the play, contrasts with Iago sharply in that he has a dream (to take Othello’s wife) but does not try to pursue it, letting Iago do everything. This eventually just allows Iago to completely manipulate him.

Reading about Iago during class made me think about the true innovators in life: those people who have an idea and are able to successfully carry it out. There are many people who have dreams and ideas, but do nothing to implement these thoughts into their lives, much like Roderigo. These people aren’t necessarily stupid or anything and we definitely shouldn’t look down upon them, but they’re the ones that are missing out. People like Iago are able to take their ideas (or maybe the ideas of others) to the next level. Iago saw a need, and has done everything he can to fulfill that need. Whether or not he succeeds in carrying out his idea is another story, but the fact that he at least tried is commendable. And if he fails, he can always learn from a mistakes for the next time. *Disclaimer: In no way am I praising or advocating Iago’s cruel tactics or ideas. I’m just saying that Iago’s ability and desire to carry out his goals is respectable. Haha. 🙂

This whole idea relates back to our What If? Innovation Project that we are doing throughout this year. We’re not only coming up with ideas that can help benefit our society and world; we’re putting them into action. And I think that’s pretty awesome. 


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