Innovation, What is it Exactly?

What is innovation exactly?

My english teacher announced at the beginning of the school year, that we would be doing an innovation project, and starting the idea farming movement. At first, all the students were pretty flabbergasted. What? What… is idea farming? What… is an innovation project? What is innovation in the first place? It seemed like such a huge project to take on, and it was so abstract in guideline that we were confused at how to begin, and where he wanted it to take us in the first place.

Idea farming is when a ton of ideas are put together and then collaborated on (optional, but highly recommended), and then it is put into steps brainstormed together or by oneself to visualize the approach needed to see that idea come to life. Together, students can bounce ideas off each other and see what interests one person, how it can meet a certain need of a person/school/entity/the world even, and see the results of the idea just HAPPEN.

The innovation project encompasses the process of Idea Farming, but it is more centralized into one specific idea for a person or group. Making ideas come to life necessitate the formation or spark of “Hey, this issue in the world needs to be changed, how can I make that difference?”, and the steps required to make it happen. I think students often grasp the wrong idea when they hear about this project. They may think, “Oh, I have to make a huge change to be successful at this project.” I think, as long as there’s an idea and it’s put to use, it’s already successful. A particularly favorite quotation of mine is, ” You do not have to change the world, just make sure you plant a beautiful seed.” Just food for thought.

Finally on to the definition of innovation.

Innovation: is the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, inarticulate needs, or existing market needs. The introduction of something new.

That’s the dictionary definition of what innovation is. To me, it’s the creation of something that has the potential to change the world.

Jayne Yokoyama


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