Bad Idea Factory, What?

Bad Idea Factory.

That seems counterintuitive, doesn’t it? Churning out bad ideas, one after the other. In the process of innovation (click Innovation, What is it? to learn more about it!), sometimes it can be extremely helpful to come up with “bad” ideas. It’s a creative way to get your brain thinking in the opposite direction, which in turn stimulates your mind to be creative about the ideas that you come up with.

A List of How Bad Ideas Could Possibly be Helpful:

1) Bad ideas can actually be good ones….to someone else!

You may think some ideas inane and unproductive but someone else may find a solution that works for that “bad” idea. A famously historic example would be colonizing America. A ton of people would have thought it was the single-handedly most idiotic idea to sail on a ship for three months, starve, in search of land that may possibly not be found, and somehow survive on that land and make a profit, but look where we are now. We’re a successful country that produces a lot of aggregate output and therefore has an expanded economy, leading to a higher standard of living.  Some people thought this “bad idea” was actually a good one…and made it successful.

2) It’s easy to change bad ideas into useful solutions.

Bad ideas are flawed, but they are easily changed to fit what is needed. If someone needed to pick all the apples on a tree, one could suggest shaking the tree until all of the apples fell off, but they would all be bruised and dirty. However, one could also modify the “bad idea” that was suggested and offer up the solution of putting a type of netting to catch the falling apples, and therefore prevent bruising.

3) “Bad” ideas can spark “good ideas”.

Bad ideas are thrown out all the time. Most of the time, they’re just…not very intuitive, but on occasions, they can spark the thought, “Hey, that’s an issue! The suggested solution wasn’t a very good one, but if we did this, it could totally work out!” I could suggest we use goat-powered wagons to get everywhere. That would be a very big hassle, but it could spark the idea for a solution that finds new cleaner energy to power  transportation.

All in all, no idea is ever truly “bad”. It just takes a creative mind to transform it into something that can spark a change. It’s the Bad Idea Factory.

Jayne Yokoyama(:

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