Live to Daydream

Hi! My name is Lindsay and I like to daydream.

The funny thing about daydreaming is that most people associate the word with spacing out in class during a boring lecture or zoning out when your mom’s trying to tell you to clean up the mess you left in the kitchen.  But when I hear the word “daydream,” I like to think about things a little differently.


In my world, dreaming means inspiring.  I am inspired to create–create things with color and life and “wow” factors.  I find working at something diligently and being satisfied with the final product makes me happy, whether it be a friend’s birthday gift or a binder cover full of my favorite photographs.  Dreaming is my key to expression, where I find my happiness.

Everyday, we should dream.  Daily.  And when I mean dream, we should create.  We should constantly be creating, or learning and thinking about how or what to create.

When I first heard about my AP English teacher’s project “What If? Innovation Project,” I was excited.  Instantly, I found myself on one of my newly-loved sites Pinterest, where I was then able to scroll through hundreds of creative projects, small and large.


I’m excited for what this project will bring because not only because I love artsy projects but because I believe innovation makes us limitless.  My “brainfuel” is watching creativity spark to life, draw inspiration, and turn people into dreamers and doers.


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