Check Off the Bucket List!

Screen shot from the movie “Insidious Chapter 2”

Last weekend, I decided I wanted to watch the film Insidious Chapter 2 in the cinema. I had never ever watched a horror film in the theater before, and I was absolutely terrified of the few I had watched before. What posessed me to suggest this crazy idea to the group of friends I shared this experience with?

I’ve always imagined watching a horror film in the theater would be more intense and more…horrible, for lack of a better word, because the screen is magnified, the room is almost completely dark except for the light of the projector and the beams of reflected forming images on the screen, and the surround sound system encompassing the audience would also add to the effect of whatever movie was playing. Now add all this to a horror film. Instantaneous multiplied effect. As I had never seen a horror film in the theater before, I decided it would be a fairly new and good experience to have.  I am absolutely glad I did.

In retrospect, the movie itself, rumored to be one in a series of what was rumored the “scariest” films in its genre, was not at all that frightening. My group of companions and I were terrified until the movie was over. I suppose we found it more threatening and horror-like during the movie because of the anticipation and expectancy of that “scare-factor” many had claimed to have experienced. In all, I found it to have been a rather tragic love story with a “happy” sort of ending for the couple, and a preview to the third movie in the series.

The parts I found the scariest were the opening title, and the random flashes and pops of disfigured, gaunt persons and objects. The orchestral sounds were overall very suitable for the film and added to the movie’s intended effect, instead of detracting from it with any so called “cheesy” sounds, like quite a few other movies. I was definitely impressed when told it was only a million dollar budget film. I had definitely made quite a large profit at the box office.

As there were persons of the male gender viewing Insidious Chapter 2 with us that day, I was surprised and amused at their antics. They seemed to have regressed and reverted into their infantile stage of curling into the fetal position and clinging onto one another for emotional support (references from my AP Psychology class). A particularly amusing comment from one of the boys was “we’re not men, we’re boys!” That particular comment sparked me into thinking what the difference was between the so-defined “men” and “boy” types, however, that discussion will perhaps be saved for another day.

All in all, the experience was a great one, and was definitely a check off of my bucket list. This would be a great moderate out-of-the-comfort-zone experience for people who share my dislike of horror films.  For those out there who are more into that genre, I recommend The Last Exorcism and The Exorcist. Those are two of the scariest I have seen, though I must admit I have not watched many. Those are the types of films that leave you running to the safety of your bed late at night when the house is pitch black. They were quite and experience: thank you to my friends who have made both experiences possible. They definitely were a memorable part of my life.


2 thoughts on “Check Off the Bucket List!

  1. That pic is absolutely terrifying lol. I saw the first Insidious and I thought that was plenty scary, how does this one compare?

    • I have not seen the first movie, but I have heard from my friends that the first movie is scarier than the second. I suppose that is why most people were fully expecting to be as scared in the second one/ be irrationally afraid. This was my first scary movie in the theaters and I wasn’t as afraid as I thought I would be, but for the first one, I heard that one of my jock friends couldn’t take it halfway through the movie and had to leave. Hopefully that will give you an idea, sorry I couldn’t be of more help!(:

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